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The Tribune

Designed with the spectator in mind, this sturdy two-piece tip-up seat is available in a wide range of colours. The polypropylene moulding has a lightly etched surface giving an easy clean surface with grip for the spectator. The seat has integral facilities for both numbering and row end lettering and are attached using stainless steel fixings to the mild steel rigid construction frames. Metalwork is designed to suit exact requirements and available in a choice of coatings.

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  • Seat and back moulded in polypropylene with colour fastness of 7-8 on the blue wool scale, dependant on colour.
  • Standard colours available - Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.
  • Mild steel rigid welded construction support frame
  • Recess in seat and back for seat numbering
  • Self-tipping seat
  • Variable seat centres - 460mm, 483mm & 508mm (18", 19" and 20")
  • Available either floor or riser fixed
  • Metalwork coated in black Low Density Polyethylene
  • Conforms to FIFA & UEFA regulations
  • Passes flammability test to ignition source 0 & 1 of BS5852
  • Passes strength test to level 5 of BS4875 Parts 1 & 3 - severe contract use


  • Armrests - wood, plastic or upholstered
  • Seat and/or back upholstered
  • Ultra-violet stabilised or flame retardant additives for polypropylene
  • CAD layout and design service available
  • Metalwork finishes
    1. Galvanising only, or with
      1. LD polyethylene
      2. PPA
    2. PPA only
    3. Nylon only
  • Seat numbers, riveted-on aluminium or self-adhesive plastic
  • Row end plaques - plastic
  • Writing ledge
  • Seat and back also available in Nylon for greater durability and resilience
  • Many other colours available upon request to BS or RAL colour references
  • Alternative seat frames available - see chart

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