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The Restall Stadium Seating Collection

First installed in the early 1970s, Restall's tip-up seats have outsold and outlasted their competitors with over 2,000,000 sold world-wide. As you will see, our comprehensive range of seats gives a wide choice to suit any site condition.

Restall Seating Systems Ltd Stadium Seats are installed at most English Football League and County Cricket Grounds and also many leading sports venues throughout the world. We have a variety of seat styles suitable for any stadium.

Restall Seating Systems Ltd's spectator seating range have seats and backs in UV stabilised polypropylene for external use, available in a choice of colours. Support frames are mild steel with plastic coated finish. Galvanizing is available as self finish or prior to coating. Fixings are zinc plated and/or stainless steel. Accessories available are seat numbers, row end plaques, armrests and upholstery on certain models. Where upholstery is required, the sponsors logo or clubs logo can be embroidered onto the seat.